JoGo ships ensure smooth inland waterways transport

With over 25 years of logistics experience, their own ships for large and small freight and an international network of shippers and ship owners, JoGo Logistics offers smooth waterways transport of pallets, bulk and construction items.  The four JoGo ships are equipped with the required transhipment resources.

With their expertise in inland waterways as a basis, the JoGo team directs their customer’s entire logistics chain. Achieving the ‘modal shift’ is the basic principle of total service provision that starts at the customer’s front door and ends at the recipient's front door, including pre-transport, transhipment, transport via inland waterways, transfer to the destination, storage and post-transport.

“We offer a total solution in transport, but of course, companies can utilise our services in a targeted way for transport via the water”.
(Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics)

Transporting goods by water with JoGo ships

With their own ships (4), trucks and transhipment tools, JoGo can quickly offer a solution to any transport issues.

“We use our 4 JoGo ships for transporting both pallets and larger bulk cargoes. They meet all emission requirements and standards for inland waterway ships”, says Peter Joos., compact, reliable

“We have two 500-tonne ships at our disposal, specialising in the transhipment of pallets and indivisible loads such as big bags. These ships are equipped with special cranes so that we can load and unload quickly and efficiently”.

For larger bulk shipments, we also have two 1000-tonne ships, equipped with a forklift truck and the pallet cross-over system for loading and unloading pallets”.

Transport by water as a sustainable, budget-friendly alternative

In order to achieve waterways transport, JoGO has their own shipping department and besides their own 4 ships, boasts a network of shippers and ship owners. “Our shippers ensure transport via water that is as budget-friendly as possible”, says Peter. “Our ships are utilised as efficiently as possible, meaning that we can keep empty vessels to an absolute minimum”.

“Our ships are utilised as efficiently as possible, meaning that we can keep empty vessels to an absolute minimum”.
(Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics)


Transporting bulk, big bags or general cargo by water? Here are the advantages for you

  • 30 to 50 truckloads can fit into a single barge, while fuel consumption is 30% lower.
  • Waterways rarely entail issues with congestion. This means that you can transport your goods faster, more reliably and more cheaply.
  • A barge is a more sustainable way of transporting, since the CO2 emissions are lower compared with trucks. In this way, we help you achieve your sustainability goals and to do business in a responsible way.

Customers are full of praise for JoGo's waterways transport

This inland waterway service is clearly catching on. “We have many faithful customers who highly appreciate the JoGo model. They can make use of our ‘full service’ across the entire transport chain for their goods, or for inland waterways transport only or road transport on an ad-hoc basis or at fixed intervals. They highly value this flexibility”.

“JoGo Logistics charter the ships carrying our products and looks after the entire logistics chain from stock to loading and unloading the ship. We can load or unload an entire 400-tonne ship within around four hours”, indicates construction company Wienerberger.

Peter Joos says: “We have a worldwide network at our disposal, made up of experts, and we maintain an end-to-end overview of all shipments. This means our team can be directly contacted at all times in order to tackle any problems at a local level”.