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  • Waterwaytransport

    Sustainable transport by water via inland waterways or sea is ideal for large and small loads. JoGo Logistics focuses on transport and transshipment of pallets, big bags and general cargo.

  • Road transport

    We are ready for a successful transport of your goods by road. Our knowledge of the road is complemented with experience in supply chains. Your shipment arrives whenever you want.

  • Stevedoring

    The loading and unloading of ships, or stevedoring, is an in-house service. To this end, we have vehicles, specialised personnel and our own chartered vessels. 

Transport, transshipment and storage

Logistics expertise customised to your activity

  • Refrigerated transport

    Transport of refrigerated products via inland shipping: the hold of the inland vessel acts as a refrigerated warehouse.

  • Storage and on-carriage

    As a chain director, we do more than just transporting goods. We also specialise in transshipment at destination, storage and the first and last mile.

  • Modal shift

    JoGo Logistics has extensive knowledge of inland waterway transport, road transport and transshipment. Our know-how is a big help to mobility and the environment!

Logistical unburdening by JOGO Logistics


As an extension of your logistics department (chain director), we search together for the best solution for your transport, transshipment and storage.

Working at JOGO Logistics

More than a logistic job

Is logistics in your blood and are you infected with the modal shift virus? In that case, we need you! We are looking for logistics professionals, but also experienced CE crane truck drivers and skilled forklift truck operators with certificate. Interested? Fill in the form below.


JOGO in the news

Our customers are involved in every step of the modal shift process, down to the last detail. We translate their needs into a solution

Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics

JoGo Logistics has the in-house know-how and staff to help your company move forward at any time!

Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics

A barge can hold 10 to even 50 truckloads, while fuel consumption is 30% lower.

Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics

We set up the cooling installation in the barge and use the latest cooling and insulation techniques!

Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics

JoGo Logistics loads our ships. They take care of the entire logistics chain from stock to loading and unloading the ship. We can load or unload a full 400 tonne barge in about four hours time.

Joris Van Hees, Wienerberger

After the transport and storage of 10,000 railway sleepers, we delivered them on demand to the various sites of railway company Infrabel.”

Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics

Thanks to pallet cross-over, loading a ship becomes the same as loading a truck. You place a forklift truck in the hold and on the quay and thanks to a table on the side of the ship you can do the transshipment.

Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics

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