Road transport and logistics managed to a tee

“Road transport is still the most flexible and quickest transport solution”, says Mohamed Bouhadan, Jogo Logistics' enthusiastic Transport Manager at Jogo, which manages goods transport and logistics by road. Mohamed has several of the same qualities as his colleagues: enthusiastic, results-oriented and always accessible.

Overall solution for cargo transporting by road

Chain director Jogo Logistics offers an overall solution for road transport, including proper planning and complete administration of specific documents. Jogo manages transport from its own premises or production site to the final yard or destination.   

“Our drivers pick up goods or materials from our customers' premises, and then deliver them safely to their final destination. We can also seamlessly combine road transport with transport by water and stevedoring (transhipment). We have all the expertise, people and resources for these services too”, says Transport Manager Mohamed Bouhadan.

“Whether it’s food, paper rolls or machine parts... We can transport anything in the most efficient way and guarantee correct implementation”.

International road haulage forwarder with in-house tractors

At the end of 2022, Jogo further expanded its fleet with two of its own tractors. Accordingly, the company now has a broad portfolio of transport equipment (tractors, vans, trailers, etc.).

In addition, Jogo Logistics has formed strong alliances with other carriers.

“Our years of experience means that we know who to contact, taking into account our customers' needs and, of course, at the most favourable rates. This allows us to respond inventively to all transport requests, and we always have a solution in house for customers”.

Investing in sustainable on road transport

The experienced Mohamed manages road transport at Jogo. His scope of work extends from the port to the distribution centre, road to quay, border to border. With great care, he manages every aspect of road transport, both nationally and to neighbouring countries.

“With all the transport we manage, we collaborate on weighing up the most advantageous rates, speed of transport and emissions. Our trucks are equipped with Euro 6 engines. In doing so, we follow the European standard and guarantee maximum respect for the environment”.

Flexible and quick

Making customers happy with his work is what Mohamed considers his mission. He studied logistics management and went on to spend many years working as a project and operations manager at several major logistics companies.

“Road transport  is still the most flexible and quickest transport solution”, he says. “Unlike waterborne transport, road transport allows you to get down to business more quickly and respond faster to get goods from point a to point b”.

The DNA of Jogo Logistics

Mohamed exemplifies the hands-on mentality at Jogo Logistics. A group of hard workers, enthusiastic, results-oriented, and always approachable.

“We’re a small company that can offer larger volumes. I feel very at home here. Our team's sights are set 24/7 on seamlessly transporting our customers' goods. Thanks to our care, they always arrive safely and correctly at their destination”.


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