Pallet transport with help of JoGo Logistics: building materials manufacturer transports by inland waterway

Building materials manufacturer Wienerberger is convinced of the added value of inland shipping and, together with JoGo Logistics, is strongly committed to water transport. Wienerberger uses an innovative inland shipping concept for this purpose, namely pallet transport via inland shipping.

Loading and unloading a ship in no time

“For the organisation of inland waterway transport we like to work together with JoGo Logistics,” says Wienerberger. “They load the ships and take care of the entire logistics chain from stock to loading and unloading the ship. We can load or unload a full 400 tonne barge in about four hours time.”

“We have been working together since 2007,” says Peter Joos of JoGo Logistics. “Back then, we carried out a test run to see how we could help them with pallet transport via inland shipping. Over the years, they have regularly tested our loading solutions. For the last two years we have been trying to work out water-bound transport loops with quick build bricks and raw materials between Wienerberger and the wholesale trade, as well as inter-company transports between Wienerberger’s various production locations.”

Quick project approach for transport over inland waterways

Peter Joos explains why Wienerberger entered into the partnership with JoGo Logistics. “It was mainly triggered by the way we approach a project. We are a small company with complementary strengths, so we switch quickly and have short lines of communication. Another important factor is, of course, the know-how and knowledge we have in the field of water transport, road transport and stevedoring.”

The great future of modal shift

“In the future, we want to transport other types of goods. Just think of articles for the paper industry or the food industry and consumer goods. Every year, 100 million pallets travel over Belgian roads. If we can transport 10% by water, we’ll be very big,” Peter concludes.