Inland waterway transport

JoGo Logistics offers a sustainable, budget-friendly and efficient alternative to road transport. Join the modal shift and discover the advantages of transport by water, in particular by sea and inland waterway.

Experience in water transport: sea freight

Thanks to more than 25 years of in-house experience and an extensive international network of shippers and ship owners, we offer a tailor-made solution for all shipments of bulk goods and construction pieces in Europe. A first-class collaboration with about 100 shippers and as many ship owners, gives us the right flexibility to deliver your cargo neatly and on time throughout Europe.

Advantages of pallet transport by barge

What are your advantages of transporting goods per pallet by inland waterway?

  • More capacity: 10 to even 50 truckloads fit into one barge.
  • Fuel consumption for inland shipping is 30% lower than for road transport.
  • No traffic jams on the water: faster, more reliable and cheaper transport.
  • Ecological: an inland vessel emits less CO2 than a truck.

The global network of JoGo Logistics
Think global, act local. Thanks to JoGo Logistics' global network of experts, you keep an end-to-end overview of your shipments. Our team is immediately available to intervene locally in case of any problems.

Pallet cross-over for transshipment and unloading of barges

What is a convenient and cheap way to transfer pallets to the hold of an inland vessel and then unload them again? Palletcross-over is a transshipment technique that makes loading a ship as easy as loading a truck. Transshipment takes place by means of a table on the side of the ship.

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A barge can hold 10 to even 50 truckloads, while fuel consumption is 30% lower.

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