Innovative transshipment techniques

Thanks to the JoGo pallet cross-over system, loading a ship is the same as loading a truck.

Transshipment with pallet cross-over and loading crane

JoGo Logistics has simple but effective solutions for the transshipment of goods and products (transferring or transhipping from one mode of transport to another). For the transshipment to and from the quay and the barge we use, among others, the simple pallet cross-over system and a truck-mounted crane.

In addition, we use the classic means such as a loading cage, stone clamp, grapple, double pallet hook and forklift trucks. These practical systems drastically reduce the cost of your transshipment.


  • Waterwaytransport

    Sustainable transport by water via inland waterways or sea is ideal for large and small loads. JoGo Logistics focuses on transport and transshipment of pallets, big bags and general cargo.

  • Road transport

    We are ready for a successful transport of your goods by road. Our knowledge of the road is complemented with experience in supply chains. Your shipment arrives whenever you want.

  • Stevedoring

    The loading and unloading of ships, or stevedoring, is an in-house service. To this end, we have vehicles, specialised personnel and our own chartered vessels. 

Transport and transshipment of pallets by inland waterway

Pallet cross-over

How can you easily and cost-effectively transfer your pallets to the hold of an inland barge and unload them again? By means of the pallet cross-over system that JoGo Logistics installs on the ship or ashore, transshipment is simple and efficient. Check out exactly how pallet cross-over works in this video.

We organise transport by water and road between your various production sites or combine transport between your production site and the building site, storage location or wholesaler.

Mobile auto-crane, loading cage, grabs and forklifts

Customised logistic solutions

JoGo Logistics has a mobile truck crane on board of a ship. In addition, we use the transshipment systems such as a loading cage, stone clamp, grapple, double pallet hook and forklift trucks.

Examples of goods we transported:

  • Concrete products such as clinkers, kerbs and tiles
  • Large concrete products such as delta blocks, sound walls, stelcon slabs, vaults and sleepers  
  • Quick builld bricks and facade bricks
  • Plaster blocks and plasterboards
  • Building materials in bags on pallets such as cement sacks
  • Fertilizers in bags on pallet
  • Paper bales and paper rolls

Thanks to pallet cross-over, loading a ship becomes the same as loading a truck. You place a forklift truck in the hold and on the quay and thanks to a table on the side of the ship you can do the transshipment.

Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics


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