JoGo Logistics has extensive knowledge of inland waterway transport, road transport and transshipment. Our know-how is a big help to mobility and the environment!

Are you ready for the modal shift?

Modal shift refers to the replacement of part of a road transport by other more environmentally-friendly forms of transport (such as a ship). This requires extensive knowledge of transport by water and road, and of the right transshipment techniques. JoGo Logistics complements this knowledge with extensive expertise in supply chains.

As chain director, we maintain an overview of all links in the logistics chain. We involve you down to the smallest detail in every step of this modal shift process. We take your questions and requirements into account in an environmentally-friendly transport solution.



  • Waterwaytransport

    Sustainable transport by water via inland waterways or sea is ideal for large and small loads. JoGo Logistics focuses on transport and transshipment of pallets, big bags and general cargo.

  • Road transport

    We are ready for a successful transport of your goods by road. Our knowledge of the road is complemented with experience in supply chains. Your shipment arrives whenever you want.

  • Stevedoring

    The loading and unloading of ships, or stevedoring, is an in-house service. To this end, we have vehicles, specialised personnel and our own chartered vessels. 

Multimodal planning for the environmentally-friendly transport of your goods

Door-to-door transport

When drawing up a multimodal planning, we take your logistical requirements into account. We coordinate the various modes of transport and provide the necessary logistical ‘hands’ (drivers, crane drivers, forklift truck operators ...) at the agreed time.

Discover more in this video: modal shift to water transport.


Transport of pallets and general cargo

Ecological logistic solutions

JoGo Logistics takes care of the transport of mainly pallets and general cargo. After all, a large modal shift is still possible in these product categories. How can you benefit from participating in a modal shift of your goods?

  • Streamlining logistics: transport by water is faster and more reliable than by road
  • The capacity of a ship is greater than a truck
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Full compliance with government environmental standards

JoGo Logistics loads our ships. They take care of the entire logistics chain from stock to loading and unloading the ship. We can load or unload a full 400 tonne barge in about four hours time.

Joris Van Hees, Wienerberger


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