As a chain director, we do more than just transporting goods. We also specialise in transshipment at destination, storage and the first and last mile.

Storage and on-carriage

Smooth running logistics and well-organised warehousing are important for the success of any company. As chain director, JoGo Logistics not only takes care of the transport (including ‘first and last mile’), but also the (temporary) storage of your goods or materials.

We organise and direct the logistics chain from the quay where the goods are held in stock to their destination. We rent sheds and warehouses according to your logistic needs.  


  • Waterwaytransport

    Sustainable transport by water via inland waterways or sea is ideal for large and small loads. JoGo Logistics focuses on transport and transshipment of pallets, big bags and general cargo.

  • Road transport

    We are ready for a successful transport of your goods by road. Our knowledge of the road is complemented with experience in supply chains. Your shipment arrives whenever you want.

  • Stevedoring

    The loading and unloading of ships, or stevedoring, is an in-house service. To this end, we have vehicles, specialised personnel and our own chartered vessels. 

From quay to site: environmentally-friendly transport and storage

Door-to-door transport

JoGo Logistics looks for a suitable unloading quay near the destination and transports the goods or materials to this quay. From there, we transport them to your site (construction site, processing plant, storage location, etc.) or temporarily store them in a warehouse until the moment of delivery. The final delivery to your final location can be made on demand.

What expertise does Jogo Logistics offer as a logistics chain director?

Customised logistic solutions

JoGo Logistics takes care of your sustainable transport from A to Z, including renting a warehouse for (interim) storage of goods and materials. Our expertise as a chain director comprises:

  • Market knowledge of inland waterway transport
  • Technical knowledge of an inland vessel
  • Knowledge of the waterways and transit times
  • Technical and logistical knowledge of the quays
  • Technical knowledge of road transport (exceptional transport)
  • Strict organisation and follow-up of planning

After the transport and storage of 10,000 railway sleepers, we delivered them on demand to the various sites of railway company Infrabel.”

Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics


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